I’m a human being

I make mistakes; make risks to take

I determine my life, prevent results, regulate my fate

You can give advice

But it’s my life. Don’t theorize a comprise

Cuz I won’t be civilized, when you criticize and summarize

My damn life, oh you know me? 

Professor of Vinnyology?

You’re head is pretty far up your ass

Is that considered sodomy? 

Don’t manage a conflict you can’t understand

Have you witness my whole life, firsthand? 

You’re on borderland of being stabbed and slammed with the KV brand

"I’m loco Holmes"; stereotypes don’t parasite my stars and stripes

Take these stalagmites and shove it up your wind pipe

I’m a well-educated, illustrated reincarnation

Striving for amazement through poetic statements

Communicating with our nation

Awaken over the enslavement

I write what’s right, its time to discover.

We need for fight for our freedom, stand as sisters and brothers.

For the greater good, we must educate the globe.

And when they tell you silence, you rise up and explode!


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