Art, Period.

Every time I walk into an art museum,
my heart takes a fall for the worst. Or the best.
Because seeing those crazy polygons
Makes it leap right out of my chest.
Or...Or when I see those magnificent colors blend
My life is sent to Heaven, then comes back again!
A flutter in my stomach at Japanese Calligraphy.
And a sight at "Starry Night" just makes me feel so free.
And I can't get enough of music
That's an Art you can NEVER control
Because the thumping beat of techno
Brings nothing but happiness to my soul.
A mellow classic symphony 
Is enough to calm me down
And hip-hop ... Poetry with a beat?!
Nothings better than that sound.
When I see prancing ballerinas
My eyes enlarge around 12x more.
And I love the feeling my feet get when
They run over to the dance floor.
Boy! Do my hands get shaky
As I read books of the unimaginable!
And when ideas overflow me as I write poetry ....
Well, the thrill is incomprehensible!
There are so many more things
Like when I hear someone sing,
My mind just wants to ... take FLIGHT!
And even we people are such a creation,
No one should want to miss THAT sight!
All the different types of makeup, hairstyles, clothing, bags
Man....It just never ENDS!
All the origami, architecture, sculptures
And if you think that art is worthless,
You may want to think again.
Because if you do, you'll miss out on a world
Of beauty, outside and within.
So if someone says art is stupid,
Don't be scared to say, "You're just delirious."
Because nothing, and I mean NOTHING,
will ever be better than ART, period.
This poem is about: 
Our world


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