In 5,4,3,2,1 

The words I will here when I sit in front of the camera at my dream job

It will be more than a job it will be a career

Getting the story, delievering the story, and the greatest part networking

No twerking or lerking just work, work, and more workikng

All eyes on, on TV so everyone will see

My bright smile, colored hair, and phenomenal beauty

The ratings will be sky high 

People will love the topics

They rocket from "Latest Love" to "Why all rappers think their thugs?"

Disagreements will occur but , there will be no love lost

In the air a coin is toss from the view I'll see at the superbowl

Interviewing the teams and coaches

My dream job is to seek the unabtainable and make stories of something small

A Hip-Hop Journalist will be my career through winter,spring, summer, and fall

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