Do I Need Love?

I sit there in silence,

Alone in the dark,

Listening to the soft hum 

Of the words that float around

In a familiar and gentle sound.

Staring at the empty room before me,

Wondering where I went wrong.

When I lost sight of who I am,

And forgotten where I stand.

Lost and insecure, I wait

Wondering what is to be my fate.


My demons clawing at my throat,

No words to say, I sit alone.

The darkness slowly closing in,

My heart torn up deep within.

All cuts and scars never to be seen,

By the words I've heard,

The words I scream.


I look okay, but I am not 

I hide it all in a smile, and a nod.

I push away the prying eyes,

I've already said too many goodbyes.

My trust shattered, no safe place to be,

My broken spirit a puzzle to me.


Just me and the words,

Those that stitch together,

I'll remain alone, in time forever.

When will I find someone to trust?

To wipe away the dust,

Of a shattered memory,

A shattered heart.


Maybe that's what I need,

To learn to love,

And open up what was torn apart.

Accept the differences,

Forget the past,

Find something that will last.

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