When Love Strikes

Cupid's never been mistaken 

Until now

Our love is forsaken

Think we should take our final bows

These curtains won't be drawn again

What occurred behind them is too futile

Every now and then

I reflect on every ruggedly ravished mile


But my train of thought gets interrupted  

Leaving my brain halted

And my heart even more corrupted

There has to be a reason why we faulted

Continuous interceptions?

When communicating feelings

Skewed perceptions?

Can definitely hinder emotional dealings 


Yea we dated

But didn't connect intellectually

Nothing was consummated

Not even sexually


But at the end of the day this is all on me

Cause I see qualities in a bad boy

And I was too blind to see what the repercussions might be

Too worried about being coy


As I'm penning this

My hands are trembling

Thinking about all the things i'm gonna miss

Like how you don't laugh at when I ask, "What notes should i put treble in?"


Got me thinking

If any hearts really need to be broken

Let's make this as permanent as inking

And be each other's life token



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