Michele (rap)


She was a pale skinned dark haired Shorty from the ghetto

Latina princess who listened to death metal

With black tee skinny jeans always on her headphones

Walked all alone whenever she would head home

They made fun of her when talked about music

They never understood and thought that she was foolish

Never was she a part of the cool kids

But she didn’t mind that she was cool to this one kid

Me, yeah I was ready to save her

And take her a way to a place a make her

Everything that she ever dreamed to be

But this is not about me; let’s get back to her see

She was school outcast, they just didn’t get her

Talked behind her back when they never even met her

She was fooled by the world that her looks were all that mattered

So she covered her face up with make up like plaster



Michelle, Michelle, Micelle, Michelle, Michelle,

What’s gotten in to you?

You used to be cool, you used to be smooth

Now you don’t even know what true 2 xs is





Tryna find love from the dude that she was kissing

She gave it her all but something was missing

I tried to tell but she just wouldn’t listen

I guess we’re to blame and how we treat women

They either thought she was weird or called her a slut

Coz she wore tight clothes that showed her butt

But if a man manned up and told her what’s up

Instead of taking advantage of her bruises and cuts

I bet they won her over by text

Told she was perfect to get some sex

She was a smart girl and all she needs

Was affection but instead they gave her some weed             

Now we lost touch and I could only imagine

The once best friend man what happened?

And if you’re hearing this girl I want you to know

People judge you by what you show

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