Th0se thìn'z that has t0 d0 with tha devil th0se thin'z that has t0 d0 with bullshii'z

Damnit fuckin' ryte fuck the mudafuckin' bitchez fuck fake tricky snitch bitches.

A ga ma hand 0n ma gun doom doom a yung nigga b0rn geht0 thug

#cloudnine best syde baby neva feel syd feel free lyke breez. Life's step by step, it's amazing world.

Living life in hell, jail, uh 0h dear GOD please just le'me live with ma h0miez on the street.

kuz n0 peace in jail, and n01 wuld got me bailed, live got me 0n sale.

Every tyme I say thank y0u God please le'me dwell in peace in bliss with my real h0miez.

heavenly father Ima s0ljah I be a heavy sinner

Playing tha game all I want was gain, I'm a machine, bitch I'm ya medicine

Ima keep it real till I l0ose ma life, but Ima be a gh0st
fuck tha fuckin' foes love my wh0rez.

C9fm b0rn t0 rule ma w0rld

yung Cloudnine, strange but every b0dy
knwz ma name all I ever need was money,
fuck fame.

Keeping it real I ger tha bitch brain drill ger th'm thrilled d0nt give a fuck ab0ut me that's ma last will

I keep it real deal forlive
#cloudnine till i die


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Our world


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