Tell me where I'd be

I mean you tell me where I'd be if it wasn't for the poetry God gave me the gift of this expression to ward off depressionI mean if only you knew the things I've been throughI use  the words from my pen to ward off being vengeful I mean it could all be so simple I think they knowing me now catch my vibe catch my soundI hope they understand that this is more than rhymingThis me taking flight as I write with perfectly good timingIf your blessed enough then share with themLet them understand that the imagery shapes your mind and the imagery shapes your smile I mean you tell me where I'd be if it wasn't for the poetry Well, my mind would be a cage and its members words that I'd never get to say Cuz you know if you write it sheds so much light depicting descriptive pictures, inspiring insight!Inspite,of everything that's going on around you , you still find the time Put them words on a paper in a notebook Look tell me where I'd be without the poetry Probably stuck in the fine lines of my mind just waiting to create.


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