Requiem Aeternam (Eternal Rest)


He is a musical man, say the numerous awards and medals

hanging on the wall and shelves in his room;

a composer too, say the many pieces of music marked

“Send to publisher” on his desk; and a good singer,

says the never-ending sound of his voice

floating from his room all over the house;

but not a man for sports, says the injured knee

from playing basketball over a month ago.


Music means a lot to him, says the amount of effort

he puts in everyday to become the best he can be.

He wants to go to the right school, says the time

he spends looking and looking for what is right for him.

He has planned his goals out, says the ever-edited document

on his computer that lists everything he wants to accomplish.

And he wants to make a difference in this world,

says the thought he has put into his music, education, and goals.


But something is not working, says the fact

that he has no pieces published. His music hasn’t been performed

despite the endless and meticulous work he puts in. He’s tried harder,

say the assignments that has forced into being that don’t sound good.

But nothing is working, says the stress that music has caused him

over the past couple months. And his singing?

It hasn’t gone anywhere or been recognized by anyone.

Something is not working, they say.



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