The Music in Me

"So this one time, at band camp..",
Is a phrase often heard,
When one is informed,
That I am a band nerd.

I wake up at dawn,
For the ever simple pleasure,
To memorize my music,
Measure by measure.

Treble and bass,
Whole notes and half,
The music takes life,
When I read the grand staff.

The keys of my piano,
Shine in the light,
When I sit down and play them,
With all of my might.

The strings of my guitar,
Cut up my fingers,
But the sound that's produced,
In the air it lingers.

I play for my friends,
I play for my own,
I play for the hope,
That I'll one day be known.

I am many times asked,
Where would I be,
If I had never discovered,
The music in me.


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