Music is Grand


Music is grand, Guitars are great, The sweet sound of strings being strummed at 8. 

Rock n' Roll, Country, Rap, Jazz and Pop, singing to every song, I know I won't stop.

Music that feels the way that I do, music that calms my mind through and through.

Music is wonderful by the campfire, music is my greatest desire.

Where words fail, they say music speaks, music uplifts me when life seems bleak.

Listening to songs once, twice and more, to memorize lyrics to sing walking out of the door.

My guitar goes with me wherever it can, so I can make music, strumming with my hands.

Nothing beats a night sitting under the stars, listening to songs that take you afar.

Every beat, every note, so perfect and sweet, surely there's nothing that music can't beat.

Music is grand, Guitars are great, music in no way is something I hate.

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