The Best Gift


United States
47° 47' 36.1392" N, 122° 18' 9.8352" W

Black like a crow,
White like snow,
A sound that I have come to know.
Hands on the keys,
Playing with ease,
Not many know it's my expertise.
Tells me stories
Each time I play
A new emotion every day.
It whispers to me,
Yet it yells loudly,
It feels like it was meant to be.
With every command,
It understands.
A feeling that tingles inside my hands.
With every note,
The sound just floats.
This is the reason I love it the most.
A never-ending story
That can go wherever,
The music just keeps on going forever.
Like cloud-like classical
Or rock and roll,
It is a volume dial out of control.
Whether ecstatic, not bad,
Or raging mad,
My piano is the best gift I've ever had.


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