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Weak, Worthless, Insignificant, Useless, Unwanted, Dejected.

That is what I felt inside, looking at me from the outside.

Some say I’m weak because I don’t do what everybody does,

Worthless because I don’t achieve what the world expects me to,

Insignificant because the world thinks I can’t make a difference.

It feels like being restrained and locked up in the dark.

Others said I’m useless because the world thought I couldn’t be used for anything,

Therefore, I was called unwanted.

The feeling of dejection became a companion,

Until I decided to listen to myself, I realized

There was something hidden within that only I could find.

It was strength I had to uncover with a fight.

I searched deeper within, I listened again but not to the world,

And heard a voice say “No one was created Empty”

The zeal to change the perception of the world became a target.

I opened up to myself; I got to know my potential,

I do what I can do best to affirm the voice I heard.

So if you realize you can sing, sing like your life depends on it,

If you realize you can dance or act, do it to affirm the voice I heard.

If you realize you have the skills to write, pour out your heart on paper, your words Might bring smiles on the face of someone.

Don’t be limited by the words from the world; don’t hide your light, shine bright like a diamond.

Don’t accept the world’s perception.

Don’t see yourself from the outside, look beyond what is seen.

You’ve got talent, you’ve got skills.

Strong, Wanted, Useful ,Precious, Significant , Accepted

That’s what you are  with your Talent.

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