Music is like the wind,

Flowing through a tree.

Peaceful yet mighty is thee.

Music is like a heart,

And does it's part, 

In the society of you and me.

Music can't be explained. 

Music can not feel any pain.

Music can be very bold.

Music can ruin a man's, 

Once abundunce of gold.

Music is written for thee,

Though the music may not be written by me.

Music is controlled by something to behold,

Only few will hear it before its gone cold.

Music is an experenice that can't be disputed.

Music can be delirious, profound and diluted.

Music is a gift from the heavens above.

And is trusted to those in love.

Not in love with one another,

But in love with the gift given from a mother.

Which is life, they use it to its full potential,

By giving the world something sentimental.

I do believe this to be true, 

I believe this for me and you. 

I believe this so the world will know, 

When a violinist's draws his bow. 

Music is all these things.

Music is played with mouthpieces, fingers, and strings.

Music is inspiring, 

And music is never retiring. 

So if you can't tell the difference between, 

A string and a bow.

Who cares?

Just let the music flow. 

But whatever you do, 

Don't let the music go.



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