Music Is My Life

Music on everywhere I go, mostly hip hop and rock and roll

Music on when I go to sleep, even when I wake up when I hit the streets

From Eminem to ACDC, I listen to more music than the flat screen TV

When I'm in the ride the speakers always bump'in, and when I get out you still hear me hummin

Every song I always see a video, probably some kind of pyschological scenario

Like a movie depending on my mood, I can be chill or I cant get into my groove

I find my music like I'm Dora the Explora, and everwhere I go I got to have that Pandora

Fresh beats you know I got to have it, that's why I make them I guess that's my habit

Too many melodies in my brain, I say them out loud but don't think I'm insane

I know I know it may not sound right, but to me music is my life..


Diego Hinojosa


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