Come Back (Freestyle)

I’m tired of all your fooling, your bitching, and all the gossiping

You can’t get on the road without stopping causing the trafficking

You sit around, lazy and can’t figure out what your slacking in

Your too proud, boastful and loud the perfect packaging

You can’t put me out, confrontation is what your lacking in

You better not sleep on my words, your only confidence

As you see me succeed in life, I start laughing then

Cause you can’t meet my standards, I heard, you start crackling

I am too smart to crumble, your only baffling

You’re like a little kid with all the tricks and shenanigans

I don’t cop bodies, only degrees that’s what’s happening

My IQ just reached 200 from classes you’re failing in

I don’t need to copy nobody, I create my own imaging 

I’m all over like advertisement on billboards and the internet

You can’t get over my creativity and my innocence

You better follow the leader as I am top, just winning it

You can’t focus on one simple concept, no geometry

Everything you start you can’t complete, your own biography

You think you have all the riches and luxury, but lack harmony

You’re not popular at all, go back to school and study sociology

Now I told you one time my degree is in psychology

I can read you better than scholars reading about democracy

You can’t hide as I analyze your mind, no apologizes

I just like to dig into your unconscious truth, my own philosophy

Don’t’ think people will feel pity, no room for sympathy

Your tangled up all in your lies, such a discrepancy

You only confuse others and believe your false epiphany

You may have overpowered my lines but not the best of me


I’m not done…. Totally


Imma tell you something the second time, repeatedly

You’re like a bottom feeder in the ocean moving swiftly

You can’t get things correct, let alone respect me to this swift beat

Your double worlds don’t equal the same, a messed-up symmetry

Kind on the surface, a devil inside, I can say truthfully

I can’t look you in the eyes to believe a word you say honestly

As a friend I tried to forgive you, every time you cried to me

If you cry after this song, it’s because you doubted me

Maybe I might give you a napkin to be kind purposely

Or maybe I might continue my rhymes until I finish completely

I’m the one who likes to help others and love begrudgingly

I just went back to Philly and dropped 150 to help society

I would be worried, since you think so selfishly

You’re always waiting for something in return, hands openly

But life doesn’t function in that manner please try humbly

Back when I was a small child, I didn’t think I would be dissing nobody

But now my blood is running faster, flowing like a symphony

I won’t stop until I create a legacy displaying what composed me

All my desires and excitement for the public to enjoy happily

You criticized my clothes since my dress game wasn’t savagely

You know we all started out with nothing, buying from charity

Your just unhappy and grumpy what you’re bound to be

My personality reins over everything, unlike you, in defense of me

A sweet, loving, genuine man, they called a prodigy

I won’t feed into your negativity, only degrading my energy

Your presence is unnecessary trying to rain on me heavily

I have an umbrella protecting me, gaining back this synergy

Or I can call my friend, Poncho, who always protects his family  

When will you bow down to appreciate my rap entirely?

I think I left you speechless like a kindergartener left hopelessly

Waiting for his mommy to bring lunch and no money

 You thought you could win but karma bites viciously

I came back harder than brick, booking concerts internationally

Saying, “All the way up” that’s where I’m headed until they crown me!




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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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