Tue, 02/23/2016 - 19:43 -- vcole

A concert: a safe haven for the fluorescent adolescents who need music like blood that flows through lyrical shaped veins

fueling a pumping heart, fingertips, a voice box.

Smooth and soothing.

Therapy for the ones who need to 




rediscover what it's like to feel (real).


Hot, sticky skin combined with the iridescent buzzing one can see and even hear in a dream-like setting.


Because finally being in the presence of

breathing the same air as

the humans that created a soundtrack to your most intimate thoughts with the mere movements of tongues wrapped around words in perfect, structured melodies

is almost too good to be true.


There is no sunlight here.. but darkness is embraced.

It is replaced with LED lights and smoke machines that resemble clouds,

a kind of untouchable lightheartedness.

Quiet bedrooms become bright lights dripping off of speakers and dizzying colors,

almost as bright as the smiles and teeth engulfing the atmosphere.

Suppressed thoughts and hidden struggles become fluttering eyelids and the swaying of people, arms, legs, hair, hips, people; so many people.


You are a safe haven, an escape from reality.

You are shelter, expression,

a form of sedative and adrenaline all wrapped up into one.

You are what it means to be in tune.

You feel like home.

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