The Write of Way

Music and me have something going

Music and me are far too knowing

We together, one controlling

Right now it’s me.

Music has given me the right of way.


When I first listened to hip hop

The rhymes, rhythm, together flowing

They have a way with words, those rappers

Ballerinas, street dancers, and jazz tappers

Music has given them the right of way.


When a song is written

I used to wonder,

“Does the melody come first

Or do the words?”

Who has the right of way?


My mom once told me

They go hand in hand

Like music and me

We are one command.

Music has given her the right of way.


Now I write my own songs;

I, too, can pick up a pen and write my heart.

Music and me

We can do no wrong.

Music has given me the write of way.









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