The Music before the Song

There is a moment right before one flies, where they know they will soar.

When your heart beats too fast, and you can hardly breathe,

You realize you'll stay up all night trying to remember the details.


When you walk on stage, surrounded by other bandmates,

The swoosh of long, black skirts, and the echo of clean, dress shoes,

Reminds you that you aren't alone.


Taking your seat, together as one.

You look across the curve, from player to player.

Your heart swells with joy being a part of it.


Last minute adjustments, attention to detail.

Then the conductor raises his arms, ready to lead the band,

Immediately everyone moves to prepare in response.


Bright lights flicker off the metals, as the moment is purposefully prolonged,

The director looks around, determination sets in with your last intake of breath.

One flick of his wrist sets the music on fire.



This poem is about: 
My community



I love this perspective. I am not a musician in any sense (yet), but I love music. That moment when an orchestra prepares to perform, with the tuning & testing of all the instruments ... I wish I could play that on repeat forever. I get lost in the emotional pull of the other side of the stage. Thank you for sharing the heart of the voices I had not heard. 


The topic is well thought out...


Interesting poem


YES. You just completely captured the before-concert feeling in beautiful words. 
"one flick of his wrist sets the music on fire"... That sentence is incredible. As a fellow musician, this is awesome. 


Wow wow wow wow wow.

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