I love you Music


With its permanent power of emotional resonance, I have not a negative thing to say of music. To proclaim that music is not the ultimate cure for any broken soul is but an act of nonsense. Music: When I’m deep within the dark depths of my depression you embrace me with your colorful, heart-warming touch, bringing me towards the surface from which I began to sink from. When my mind is overflowing with emotion, you help me say that which I may never have the articulate ability to express through word. I must try to learn more of you, for you are the true essence of this painfully joyful passage in this book of dreams we call life. Oh what a strife would it have been had we never encountered you. Oh what a strife.



One of my on-the-spot creations. I am writing about music because apart from family, friends, and her, Music is the one thing that can always uplift my soul when my depression kicks in.

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