Greed pesticides

Tue, 02/17/2015 - 17:07 -- Laurelt



It makes me physically sick how much stuff I own. How much stuff I could do without. And yet I still say 'more' every time I'm in the store

It makes me physically sick, how much food I eat, how much time I sleep. Yet I still grumble more every day of the week.
It makes me physically sick how many lives are lost, what family and friends are cost. Yet I'm still not liv'n every moment I'm given.
It makes me physically sick, how many tears others cry, how many lives aren't as good as mine. But I still throw a tantrum when I see people are better off than I. 
It makes me mentally ill, how much I lay in bed, how many words I've said that I don't live up to. 
It makes me mentally ill, how people in this world can not read and write, yet I do not think twice, to break a pencil in half.
It makes me mentally ill how many people feast until they are diagnosed obese, when a man sits outside the restaurant without so much as a crumb to eat. 
It makes me cringe in discomfort, when people call others insulting terms, picking on insecurities that gives others unease. 
It makes me want to cry when people give up opportunities that are handed to them without struggle, because in the everyday hustle people shouldn't be subtle.
It makes me want to pull the covers over my head, when I hear how many innocent are dead, because they aren't considered purebred. 
It makes me want to die, when I am the victim of the indifference of humanity's ignorance. 
It brings me hope for the world, when I see the delicate dreams swirl inside the imagination of a little girl
It restores my faith in humanity when I hear talk of equality
It brightens my knowledge of what is good, when I do something that no one else would.
It helps to know that light prevails through the darkness that evil sows. 
It keeps me alive that people survive to turn on the light in others minds, for the greater good is better understood, when compassion is more than just a could, when smiles are more than what would, and love is more than something that should, but instead an action that leads the world for the better, and makes us understand that the seeds of this love, this hope, this faith, this goodness, come from the trees of wisdom, so let us water these seeds with actions, shine on this plant with love, and blossom faith to provide the fruit of the world, to which greed shall not eat. 
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