Every Day Happiness

There are more than a few things

Which I am pleased about,

that wash away my stormy days,

and cleanse me of my doubt.


Sometimes they are big things

and sometimes they are small

Below, I've listed several;

Though I couldn't name them all!


Coffee in the morning

always opens up my eyes.

It's warm and steaming bliss I sip

to see the sunrise.


A minor seventh chord

has a melancholy sound

I put in every composition

-just to have it around!


A hug from friends or family

can make a whole day new,

each warm embrace alights my face 

and brings me out the blue.


To sit at the piano

and sing a jazzy tune

about romance and dancing

-Hope I can do that soon!


All in all, the biggest thing

that brings my smile out,

is every day, there's something new

I can be glad about.

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world
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