Morning Medicine

My main motivation is nothing amazing,
Nor is it the oddest of things.
I am tested and tempted and sometimes resented,
But I still wake up and sing.

I've been singing, you see, for years upon years,
Yet my voice is nothing but average.
Music can calm; it's truly the bomb,
And it never leaves me with baggage.

Music, to me, can cure any sorrow
And hush my negative thoughts.
It is as crucial as morning medicine,
But it comes without the box

Unlike some friends, whose trust can be questioned,
My song list will not let me down.
When life makes me stressed and truly depressed,
A melody erases my frown.

I awaken each morning in muddled confusion,
With thoughts, such as "Why?" and "Where?"
However, when trials drag drown my spirit
A song will always be there.

It interrupts my blessed dreams
With a sweetness like flowers in May.
The beat makes me think, and I no longer shrink
From the problems I'll face that day.

So, in conclusion, I offer you this.
It will not be a trick or a jest.
If our lives are silent without any sound,
Would we be performing our best?



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