I Was Average Once

A single note

Shatters the room

Piercing, reverberating

Through the soul

Within a single heartbeat

Hundreds of voices join in sync


Rising, hovering, dying

Flowing like a river

Wrought with twists and turns

Telling a story

Only your heart can hear

And your soul can sing


We are your future

Prodigies play the violin

Overachievers play the viola

Geniuses play the cello

Philanthropists play the bass

How dreadfully awful it must be

To be absolutely average


Mediocracy: a bane

Normality: a curse

To command the strings

Is to bear the weight

Of the expectations of your audience

Straight A student

Full ride to Harvard


To bungle the notes

To cause a slight discord

A slight misstep

A blatant blunder

We are not perfect

We can not be everything you expect us to be

This poem is about: 
My community


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