Lofi Hip Hop Beats To Study To:

Tue, 04/05/2022 - 08:43 -- 931535

1 Rain beating against a window.

2 Clips of old sitcoms on loop.

3 Both muddled with a blurry sound filter.

4 Digital drum tracks with additional bells and whistles.

5 24-hour Live Stream! 

6 Lofi-Hip Hop Beats!

7 A girl in an endless loop.

8 Stuck studying for a test she’ll never do.

9 The same 5 looping tracks.

10  rain and blurry noises.

11 Disassociating voices

 12 A constant loop of feel good forces

13 Pulling you into lackluster performance.

14 Lofi-hip hop beats to study to.



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