Am I a role model? /

A question I ask myself/

A past life of blunts and bottles/

New life, new thoughts, new self/

Pondering what goals in life are mine/

Is this me or someone else/

Should I be idolized? /

Maybe, maybe time will tell/


I’m 20 years old with the wisdom of fifty/

Was I born in my generation? Its iffy/

I see peers going for brand names at brand stores brand new

While I’m at Ross sifting/

I hear rappers brag about their riches, /

Comparing women to their possessions. /

That’s rude/

And all these kids eat it up like junk food/

No wonder the generation is going to turmoil/

Trying to hide a problem? I can see it threw the soil/

Media trends corrupting “what is right?” /

Kids be like, Bitches be like, Niggas be like, STOP/

I’m Mexican, Italian, and Irish…I mean brown and white/

Color coordinating a person is not right/

I’m not afraid to say nigga. I say it but never in my music/

You can say I’m racist/

But we know there are conceited white kids who do it/

Don’t make excuses, just face it/

I’m just shedding light on dark topics/

Others turn their optics because the truth is so toxic/

I’m not afraid. I will stand to fight/

I’ll be idolized for fighting for human rights/


Why was I born like this? /

Dealing with racism, poverty, and privilege/

Why me? I fight for human rights. /

I felt stereotypes pierce my skin/

I felt the abandonment from a house to an apartment/

Being on the cheaper lunch list/

Being there to motivate my mother/

But feeling privileged from the family of my father/

Being stereotyped as the rich kid/

I’m not rich. Why don’t you understand? /

I look rich but feel poor/

I look brown but feel white/

I don’t feel white/

I feel discriminated/

Discriminated by color and privilege/

Redundant /

A white wetback. A rich poor kid. /

Fuck that. I’m me. /

I have issues. /

Some that can’t be solved with tissues. /

They help but I rather write these emotions/

Let the pain complain, resolve the commotion/

I’m not the only one. Just one to admit it/

Fighting for equality is the one commitment/

Being an activist from an artist, vice versa/

This is me. This is what I want to be. /


What do you want to be? /

What do you want them to see? /

I just hope they remember. /

Remember me. /


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