My Future

To be called upon by a force of art

Requires strength challenging to possess.

To create and contribute to this force and its atmosphere

Has brought me physical, and beyond that, intellectual success. 


Despite my medals, first chair placements, and state honors, 

There is a piece of the force that drives me to serve.

To use my talents and gifts for good, 

To educate, to lift up others, to preserve. 


At this moment I am stuck inside a chord,

A single moment in time of a finished composition. 

However I am destined to complete my piece, 

But I must use my resources, though I may want to quit.


I am a server, a visionary, a rule-breaker, and 

A machine. 

I am a parent to musicians who are younger than me. 

I am a leader, a conductor, a hugger, a lover.

I refuse to exclude and choose to create music freely.


But besides myself, there are soon to be musicians who need a teacher,

A lover, a fighter, a dreamer. 

With my future, hopefully,

I can use my talents to be the best creator I can be.


This poem is about: 
My community


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