Music Moves, Motivates, Empowers, and Soothes People

Music has mysterious ways of modifying our human minds,

When you need motivation to strive through your hardest times, music stands behind,

Seeping into our society speaking to every woman, man, and child that is alive,

Music never dies, rhythms, melodies, harmonies, un-seeable to our eyes,

Calming any intentions of crime, creating an enigma of energy unaware of time,

Squeeze out that last repetition, finish the race, music can influence greats to do great and hate to be erased,

Maybe chase that girl you've been wanting to ask on a date,

An audible art form that you can relate to whether you're alone or with millions,

An universal language to reach to every person on planet earth, unearthing what hurts,

Giving strength and drive to the weak at heart, preaching to people that need a spark of light,

Dance, groove, boogie down, or chill and listen to waves of sound, or the sound of waves,

Riot and rave in glorification of creativity when you listen to instrumentation graze among the green pastures that are your eardrums,

Maybe pound a drum, two three, four four, the signature is yours to choose, your mood,

Swing through each note and chord while swinging in your favorite park reliving and relishing memories,

It can be everywhere at once, swirling through our heads while we head down the road to redemption,

Preventing the youth from turning their heads the wrong way,

Guiding us to a brighter future of everlasting happiness between mankind as a whole,

Helping settle differences and bring people together to change lives,

Improve troubled minds and realize we had the power inside us the whole time,

Music can do unbelievably incredible things, we just have to listen,

And yes, you are not required to rhyme, listen to your own wonderful mind.

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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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