Vocal "Track"

An electric shock through your veins, steam seeping out your brains. Sound, musical bliss, nothing can compare to this soul mate. Fragments of a life moving through time losing friends, is it their fault or mine? Balled up , fetal first, put my ear phones in, soothes me, i coast. My eyes are closed and i escape to a place where contradictions and conflictions dissipate. Feet first i jump, to where? i dont know but faith lands me gently on dreams of plush imaginations of do re mi and vocal explorations. I hit the high's and lows, repeating until each note feels like home. Shaky but not consumed but unsure breaths of unprepared flight. Staying up till 1 or 2 ive gotta get this right. Choices are thrown from various ends of life. Catching and dropping opinions left and right. When your security and true love is what scares you the most do you hold on or let go? Each rhythm and beat travels from the foundation to the top, my personal muscle relaxer, it fails me not. Floating, a euphoric high yet my fear all in one. I can see a fork in the road left, middle, right. God which one is yours? My passion but is it real? Should I chase a life of measures, scores, and multiple closing doors? When a simple hum can bring a grin to my eyes and lips doesnt that mean i should follow. please no tricks. Confused i admit but when i hit a perfect run ah true bliss. Not trying to be rihanna or beyonce i just wanna be me. From the Larynx to the clouds i can inspire endless crowds. Tears of joy and hope with squiggles and lines I, myself wrote. A desire to stand on stage and Thank God for the gifts he has given me, I await for my answer faithfully. My psychological side seems more safe and realistic but if i go to that place will i feel that something is missing? My dream is to sing. I open my eyes, I'm back. You can do anything through me says he. Here take this, its faith. Thats all you need.


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