To Pulse Impulsively

Fri, 10/31/2014 - 01:39 -- untunnz

It's a beat that makes my feet move. Nothing in particular, I just need a little groove to smooth out the day sometimes. To break away from the straight lines and tune out the monotonous rhymes of the masses. They take weak rhythms to work with 'em, but I need that funk, that spirit, that drive. It's my high.


You can hear it, the artists' devotion to keep every listeners body in that motion, swinging, bouncing, whirling. Always dreading the notion, forever hoping the cadence doesn't stop. They just wanna rock too, and who are you to say nay? I say hit play, so we can all dance the days away.


It begins with a with shiver, and your foot starts tapping

You can't help it, your hands start clapping

You wanna lose yourself? Just let it happen

Give in quick, and feel the bottom beats crashing.


It's not about hitting the beat every line, or necessarily following the time. It's about expressing yourself even when no one can see or hear. Especially then. But when they're near, don't be fearful. Breathe deep, strike hard, and belt out an earful.


A beat box once said, "if you've got a problem, take it out on a drum." Those are wise words. I don't care if you call us all dumb. We'll always have fun learning new licks, hacking with friends, banging around, and breaking our sticks.


That's how I lose it;

the stress in my life.

I give it to the music.

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Super Oscar Wilde-y, I guess.

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