All of the Lights

Wed, 08/21/2013 - 10:35 -- Sadik


Hoboken Pier 1
United States

Shinning brighter than the stars,I watch the lights blink on, one by one.Sitting on the cold grass, under a blanket of dark,The view across the water humbles me. I watch the lights blink on, one by one.Some colorful, some just plain white.The view across the water humbles me,No wonder even stars hide themselves away tonight. Some colorful, some just plain white,Twinkling windows line Manhattan’s skyline.A wonder of stars hide themselves away tonight,Blackened by artificial torches of light. Twinkling windows line Manhattan’s skyline.Brand the Big Apple,Ignite artificial torches of lightForever awake. Signature of the Big Apple,Keep away from siestas.Forever awake,The sandman wanders the dark. Keep away the siestas,Stir your insomnia.The sandman wanders the dark,Past the reflections across the murky Hudson. The lights whisk insomnia,Splash it to the cold grass, under a blanket of dark.Alone, I watch this skyline reflect across a murky Hudson,Shinning brighter than the stars.



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