Let the beat resonate, 

let it ring through your head like it's the only sound you have ever known,

because the higher you bump that bass the easier it is to drown your thoughts. 

Let the beat move you, sway you, persuade you. 

Go with it, follow it, forget everything else. 

Drown it out, drown it out, 

Let your thoughts flow out like tea from a spout . 

Music can make everything better in minutes,

and dancing to music is the only true thing that makes me happy. 

I place myself in a different world when I am dancing. 

Perforiming for the world to see, or at least that is what I picture when I move to the music. 

Music motivates me to move, to change, to roll with the punches life throws at me.

Dance animates me. 

Together, they complete me. 

Drop it low, bring it up, leap through the air, or roll to the floor,

keep the bass coming I am eager for more. 

Bass. Space. Movement. Race. Black. White. Love. Hate. 

Music is one thing we all can relate to, attach to, cling to. 

So dance away your troubles, your insecurities, your bad day. 

Come what may, music will always be there for us to dance to,

and the bass will always resonate. 

Like the pulse of our hearts, it never stops. 

We cannot escape the need to bop our heads, to cry in bed, to tap our toes,

to pop and lock, or go for a run,

or just simply have a night of fun. 

Without music these tasks would be less relevant, 

music keeps people and thoughts together, and that bass draws us in like the tide. 

Now stick your headphones in and enjoy the ride. 



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