Beating Hearts

The greatest thing,

I have ever seen

Is you staring back at me. 

The sweetest music,

to have ever filled my ears

is your laughter ringing through the air.

I was never as happy as i had been,

standing there on the sidelines.

I watched you sing.

I watched you laugh.

I watched you smile.

The whole time wishing you would just stay awhile

While my heart beat faster

and the bass got louder

I screamed with all my might.

Some might say their greatest day

was their graduation or wedding day.

For me, standing there,

my heart beating faster

and my breathing growing shallower.

I found myself the happiest,

surrounded by people i didn't know

and listening to a band 

who didn't know I existed.

Still, i was happy.

When people you don't know,

make you smile more than the people you do know

why not let them make you smile.


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