piano and me

What brings me to a state of tranquility and relief
Are the sweet, youthful harmonies
Delivered from a melodic instrument made of polished carved wood
What a beautiful instrument..nothing less than a masterpiece
With admirable teeth of black and white keys of ivory I love to marvel upon
The grand instrument is heavy to carry but the inside is what holds magic
Peeking under the wooden case, each string is voiced by a delicate hammer
Brilliant vibrations echoing precious tunes
The unrecognized pedals are the soul of the piano
They sustain the sounds more divine and dynamic

In honor of our legendary piano masterminds
People who are born with music in their bones
The prodigy Chopin
The perfectionist of symphonies Haydn
The gifted composer Mozart..like no other
I desire to fulfill their most intense and sacred solo pieces
I will if I set my mind and heart on it
I have a spiritual approach to music
I can disconnect from society
I admire the piano when my emotions are soft or violent

It feels I am finger painting without a canvas
My fingers feel like dancing
I am a child at heart with freedom of expression
The physical beauty liberates the soul to speak when it is afraid
I am speaking without having to speak
Chords are bonding together to echo my voice out loud
I hear songs in my mind and play my remembrance by heart
I can imagine, hum, and make the music flow
Gracefully in mid-air

With just a delicate press sends chills down my spine
The translation of the sounds are beyond words
I sway irresistibly in gracefulness and satisfaction
Swinging tenderly to and fro
Like a blind harpist playing a cooling melody
Or a sleepwalker breathing softly
I imagine I am in my own inner world fulfilled with high and low sounds
That intertwine so heavenly

A good way to live most my live most of my life
Is coming to this piano like it's my favorite place
When I am lonely, tired, depressed, or happy
The piano awaits for me in the dark room
Covered so nobody can see
Until I set it free
An old childhood friend
Then we meet in the music

Music is the translation of my mood
Before the first key note, my emotions are ready to paint the silence
Music is my flight to imagination
I am riding a spaceship to get away to a world no one knows
Don’t mind those who listen to you
The box of sounds is my private workplace
We coexist harmoniously

On the grayest of days,
I can play a happy memory
Behind my voice of the keys, a story unfolds
Beauty is unlocked
Music is an echo
What you send are the reflections of your own gifted soul
Music is a river, it freely flows through the mind
Brings to a state of mind that is serene

Precious sounds that are woven into my heart
Pleasing to the ears
Keep on dreaming while reality is drifting
Like drowning in the ocean, to drown into the music
If music ceased to exist
Piano is a long, lost friend
I wouldn't see the light of day anymore


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