America, Unified


United States
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Blindly, we follow and nod our heads to the beat.
Lyrics are nonsense when music is an industry.
Nobody wants to think.
Nobody wants to learn.
We defer to the media to dictate our concerns.
But people are too careless, too passive to understand
That media and government hold each others' hand.
"You scratch my back; I'll scratch yours.
We give you these tax breaks; keep your artists pure."
In the land of the free, music is OUR voice.
Because in this "democracy," we don't really have a choice.
Democrat or Republican? They're basically the same.
A vote for any other is tossed down the drain.
They control elections through an outdated system.
Now they want our music, to stifle any wisdom.
They fear past influence of Tupac and Kobain.
So they try to dumb us down through Ke$ha and Lil' Wayne.
But change is on its way in; there's about to be a movement.
More and more will take the path of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.
Instead of being handed fame, the earned it through resolve.
The end result was absolute. No censorship involved.
We're the ones who gave them fame. Not a group of suits and ties.
That's the true power of the people! America, unified.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

it comes down to people expressing what they want and voices that needs to be heard
great job in putting your ideas down
keep writing

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