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The lights are on and everyone's staring expecting a performance. I open my mouth and I forget all the lyrics. I think I'm going to mess up and they're all going to laugh, but then I sing and my doubts are in the past. Is this real? Are the applauses all for me or am I dreaming and soon be brought back to reality. I hear my voice and don't fully understand. Has God really blessed me with the right melody, finally the right sound? Everyone’s staring but everyone’s smiling and I've never felt so happy or so excited. I never knew this is how it feels or that this is what it takes. I didn't know it took so little to feel a little fame. Now I'm doing great, not a single flat, not a note out of place. Before I know it, the song will be over and happiness and I will finally meet face to face. I look back at the band and they look at me proudly. They never knew I had it in me. They never knew that my dreams screamed so loudly. I turn back to the crowd and see a woman in the front. She has tears in her eyes, but this song wasn't meant to hurt. I take a better look and see her familiar smile. It's my mother and I've never seen her so alive. Once I end the song, I can't believe my eyes; everyone jumps to their feet and I can't help but cry. That's when I wake up. That was the best dream ever but dreaming isn't enough. It’s Saturday morning and it's time for me to go. I kiss mommy on the cheek and she says goodbye because she already knows. I get off the bus on 163rd. There's no better place where I’d rather go to learn. I say hi to my teacher who I guess I never told that he was like a second father and my life he helped me mold. Music became my life and I learned how to cope. It's through his teaching that I learned all about hope. When I say music is my life, I mean the people that brought me it. I used to hurt myself for closure and they brought me a replacement. My life is great but music is only one reason. Now you can see who took me away from the confusion. This is not just a poem, it's how I really feel. I just used a poem to show how a little thing can mean a great deal.

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Such an inspiring poem. I'm a singer too and I am so glad that you succeeded. Just keep doing your best. Please read my poems and tell me what you think.

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