The Feel of Music

Sun, 09/28/2014 - 14:29 -- qwegill


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The Feel of Music

Something buzzes in my ear,

my senses are now entwined with sound, my sight is vague but my hearing is vivid.

Sounds turn into letters into words,

and I begin to hear a repetitive phrase appearing from the reverbed sounds.

The sounds get louder and then fall as my chest does,

I think my heart beats into step with the pulses.

Uncontrollable sound, uncontrollable beat, they are all uncontrollable as I tap my feet.

I no longer feel balanced,

the sound of so-called music has uplifted me,

and I have risen from the ground onto a cloud that bounces, vibrates, and moves as a peasant does when giving praise.

I breathe a breath and I am no longer living.

I am life within itself, life is music, and music becomes life.

Serenity is found as a virtue within this life.

Music has awaken me and taken me to places that no man has ever gone. 

Music is a serene scene that no investigator can probe,

only experience.





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