The Dancer and the Musician

Sat, 01/04/2014 - 21:17 -- Kaelyn

He is the sole musician
   his notes push her every movement.

His rhythm sets her steps
His melody sets her movements
His grace matches her own.

She is the sole dancer
   replying to each of his soundless words.

She leaps as the music soars
She twirls as he softly trills
She flows to all his soaring notes.

For the time being, they are one
   their passion, their emotions, their movements
   all mirror the other.

His was auditory
Hers was visual.

But for the moment, their souls combined:

The music picks up pace
   And she replies with her rapid footing and motions.
The music builds to an ending, tension rising
   And she answers with her elegant steps all over the stage.

For the moment, right then,
   They are one.


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