A Talk With A Couple Songs

The bass kicking in,

The beautiful sound of the melody,

I could feel the singers emotions,

I could feel the pain synthesise in motion.


I feel the tears going down her soft skin,

I know what it's like to love somebody the way you loved him.

I do believe she and I could be beautiful.

I have taken it slow even if not typical.

Her so beautiful smile so far from me.

Her love lost I don't know if approaching.

I wish I could say she was mine but at least with this beat,

I could imagine myself back in my feet.


As I hear the song end I open my eyes,

I realize she still the same as before with simple hi's .

I'm back to reality and I'm just waiting for the next track,

make it repeat roses or new York city and let me go back

to 3 minutes past.

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