Eighty and eight

Eighty and eight keys
That's all I need
To open my soul to humanity
To keep me freed
If I lost it all
If I couldn't see
At least I'd have but eighty and eight keys

Black and white and black and white
Are all the colors in my sight
Are all the feelings I could fight
Or all the world and all its light

Note by note
song by song
I devote
my life, so long
I emote
a new analog

But what is it about music?
What is it about sound?
I'm by myself, in the heat of the sun
and I hope I never get found!
Me and the sun and the rhythm
Me and the beat of the drum
Me in the echo of my own soul
Me and the kingdom come

The map of the galaxy is a piano
and the men and women are the strings
But I don't need the universe
I don't need the rest of the world
I don't need a country or city
To say that I come from
I only need me
and eighty and eight keys.



This poem is about: 
Our world


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