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Music is so beautiful
I think I fell in LOVE with Music
at a very young and naive age...
Music takes care of my PAIN
and of those rainy days
When I am without Music I feel I can’t breathe, LIVE or dream...
I want to SUCEED in my relationship with Music
I don’t want to FAIL
I want to go for the gold
I will RISK it all
no matter what it takes
I know one day I’ll make it far...
I will make my mother proud
She is up high in the sky and
will smile at her son’s great achievements with Music
those Grammys, those ceremonies and those celebrations will be tasteful like fine wine
and I will always be grateful with God and my beautiful angel...
I know I will make it with Music because
I am in LOVE with Music...
See I will always be in love with MUSIC
where ever I go Music will be around
no matter where I am Music will be near my heart
and nothing
and no one
will ever tear us apart...

Live.Love.Music 16


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