Look at the world that we live in-

is society proud of our deeds?

Children are carrying weapons,

not contemplating hate bleeds.

Fathers are raping their daughters,

while mothers turn a  blind eye.

Children are murdering children

as morality continues to die.


The media glorifies violence,

makes martyrs of killers and crooks.

We sensationalize all that is evil,

in music, movies and books.

We legislate the rights of a criminal,

plea bargain and then set him free

to continue his rampage of terror,

then he claims that it’s insanity.


What happened to the conscience of mankind?

Are progress and money the goal?

Did we forget about kindness and justice?

Does it matter if we lose our soul?

When terrorists attack our cities,

we speak of the evil they do,

but stop and look in the mirror-

morality begins with you.


What future do we give our children

when hatred and greed lead the way?

What hope is there left for tomorrow

when man thinks that evil’s okay?

God help us to help each other

have faith in humanity,

and live in this world together

in peace for eternity.

                             Susan J.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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