The Name For This Poem Was So Long That It Looked Like A Fall Out Boy Song Title


The amps stand tall as towers on either end of the stage and we scream as they kill the lights

Now I know why they call them musical giants because as they play they look larger than life 

And I don't care about the x's on the back of my hands and knowing I can't imbibe

because I'm loosing myself  in pure sensation, this feeling is it's own kind of high.

I can feel the drum thump thump thump in my chest in place of my heart

And the hairs on my head are standing on end, each strand thrumming like the strings of a guitar

I smile

I laugh

I lose myself-

and sing at the top of my lungs

And that's the moment I see you there (In all of your technicolor glory)

And I think that this might be love.


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