Ruined Songs

That song comes on the radio, once meaningful but now makes you want to cry,You see all the memories flood back into your mind's eye, You can't rip the cords out that you keep hearing in your mind,You wish that you could change it because you know you're not okay,Plagued with all the thoughts that have carried you away,Back to a similar time, enchanting and filled with bliss,When all you needed was that reassuring kiss,The Prince Charming to your Cinderella, the Beast to your Belle,Should have known to put your heart on lockdown instead of in a spell,Nothing can numb the pain now, the pain that he has caused,You thought you were over it but the words tear through your facade,   Lyrics flood around, spinning like an eel, Sadistic, opening up the wound again, forcing you to feel, It's like living in the past and you know it can't last,And abruptly it ends, leaving you with the questions which resurface yet again,Was your love real? Was it true? Or was it just as fake as the villain whom deflated you?

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