My Music is My Saviour


My life can be stressful

My school work can be hard

My pain puts me into a hole so deep and dark,

I find myself falling apart.


I have my upsides and downs.

I have my doubts

But the only thing to calm me,

Is the sound.


The sound of my music blaring in my ears,

tuning out the voices that love to watch me fall.

The sound of the instruments playing a melody so sweet,

it takes me away from the stress that leaves me in defeat.


The sound of the lyrics that released the emotions I feel.

The sound of the beat thumbing in my head,

my heart beat matching the rhythm. 

The sound of not hearing the constant yelling, the insults, the digust in their voices.

Just the sound of my music telling me everything will be okay.


My music may be loud.

My music may scream into your ears.

However, my music makes me complete.

My music is me. 

My music saved my life

My music is my saviour, My religion.

My music is my life.



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