the right note


The sounds emit from the stage like the suns rays.

They reach the ears of all who’s near

sends a wave of somber,

or thrilling feelings through the air.

in a sense its not the music

but what take from it, a little tune

or rhymes enough

fact is you thought about it.

It tells a story that gets carried,

until someone deciphers meaning.

might be a poem maybe a book

no matter still people will read it.

The sound itself inspires hope

maybe soon even buildings.

societies can be built around

this simple arts philosophy.

if only u could hear this beat

the bliss in the ignorance

in the next note of this symphony.

the treasure is in the moment

cause just that one could move mountains.

Just like a simple sound

could change the way we think as humans.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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