Hello, Dr. King, have you heard the news?
Children are being stereotyped because they aren’t as intelligent 
as child prodigies at age 3. What can we do to fix this? 
Should we ask our officials to bring down the big, 
bad requirements for our young children? 
Maybe we could try to encourage our students to 
reach for the moon and beyond.
People need to stop telling our youth that 
they will never amount to much.
This idea isn’t right or fair.
Everyone should get their
fair share of education.
No one should be barred from 
getting their fill from 
the fountain of knowledge.
As soon as everyone has their fill,
they will be able to change the world.
When this world is safe, all stereotypes 
will be banished like outcasts in Western towns.
Everyone will be happy, intelligent, and 
above all free to be who they want to be. 
So again, I ask have you heard the news? 
If you have, what are we going to Do Dr. King?  


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