One Last Entry

One last entry before the night comes to an end,

One more thought before the sheep comes-

Slowly one by one,

A puffy little cloud strutting aimlessly

Above an unsurfaced ground.

One last note to play-

A clingy trill caught in the final breath,

Grasping and holding onto silence all around.

The crickets must chirp,

The water must run.

Onward and onward the young night dance,

Bringing an eerie light only the stars can conjure

With the moon caught as a centerpiece.

And shine they must!

With light, they burst!

Sprinkling the ephemeral dust only a few can catch.

Just one last moment before the show is done,

Just one last memory before the glimpse of a new sun.

Just one more thing that is needed to be discussed:

The shapeless shadow holds many secrets-

Secrets that turns to value-

Creating virture when walking down the right path.

Oh, may the stars align to their needed positions,

And give us the ending we are waiting for.

The prophecy of today has come to a subtle end,

While tomorrow's agenda is yet to be written.


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