Press Play - The Basics of Beautiful Music

Wed, 10/02/2013 - 06:00 -- SicV

Press Play

Anticipation blooms

The track begins


The sound waves land on virgin ears


One beat, two beats, three



Serpentine lines, beauty divine

Valleys, peaks, and tiny mole hills


Dynamic change

My heartbeat follows with every “thump”


This melody resonates within

The strings that control my heart vibrate

The bass rattles my lonely bones as the dust fades away


The hummingbird caged in my heart sings

Different sensations burst into a frenzy

Skin prickles and goosebumps form

Pupils dilate as lips purse together


Perfect Pitch

Repitition guides me into bliss

The journey is well worth the wait

It builds, destroys, and reconstructs with every note




As the drop proceeds…

Inhibitions fade

The escape into a nirvana ensues

A fallacy, for I am Alice to mythical Wonderland

A mere fantasy for now when it is more difficult to face reality at all

A coping mechanism


A state of trance for this deprived mind

Food for the weak




This song has reached my very core

Solarplex in center-fold

Therapy for the SOUL


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