a Rap is a Poem with a Beat


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A rap is a poem with a beat
to be my very best I must compete
two things I learned young
these proverbs were sung
Now words are important to me

It all started when I was only three
my mom had me hooked on phonics (pronounce like fah-neeks)
Accelerated Reader
I ate up books like beavers
My brain was creasing quickly

Now that was just me learning the words
now it’s time to add the verbs
the words moved to music
didn’t know what I was doin
But “Seeing Sounds” I was pursuin

Hymns, funk, rap, and blues
I learned about artists that paid their dues
Gave their songs a listen
Experienced “frisson”
Now my soul was in the tunes

I continued to live my life
College always treats me “write”
Mass Communications major
Addicted to the flavor
To the words I do submit

This poem is about: 
My family


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